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In January 2018 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, something that I have seen take over and destroy people's lives. I had no one else to blame but myself through years of over indulging on processed foods, take aways and binge drinking. When I was diagnosed, I felt there was no help or support via the doctors Nor the local groups as far as education was concerned. I was told to go to my local pharmacy, pick up my prescription and start to take immediately with no knowledge of the condition.... so decided to take it in my own hands and started to research it. I started to research diabetic personal trainers and came across Vanessa! I thought I bet she is based in London or Birmingham.... But to my surprise, it was Buckshaw village less than a mile from me. From the start Vanessa has been amazing, she is very attentive, always making sure you are comfortable with the condition and has given me some amazing advice. From the start she has been a great support throughout. Not only is she a great personal trainer and coach who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, she has also pushed me to lose 3 stone in body weight and a massive amount of fat loss around targeted areas, along with muscle gain in others (5 inches lost around my waist and growth on my legs, biceps). Not only that she has give me the confidence to live with the condition focusing on diet and exercise. I would recommend her to anyone! Her passion for the job is second to none and she is someone to definitely be accountable towards. I could not have got where I am today without her.

Thank you Vanessa.
Posted By: Leigh Gornall
Started with Vanessa just over a month ago. Decided it was time to put myself first and start making some changes for the better. I wasn't sure if online coaching was for me, but honestly cannot believe the changes to my diabetes control since starting. I have stopped thinking about dieting and have started thinking more sensibly about calories and still living life and incorporating everyday foods and treats into a healthy diet and have noticed changes in my appearance which is making me feel great as I'm not missing out on anything!! I have also been surprised about how much I can do from home to help with my fitness and look forward to building strength and fitness in the future with Vanessa's guidance. The daily support is unbelievable! Thanks Vanessa! Most recent hba1c is 44!!!!!
Posted By: Anon
In April, I decided to take control of my life. My eating habits were out of control, and I had gained lots of weight. I had never been in a gym before and looking at all the equipment was overwhelming. I met Vanessa and I explained my goals to her. These past few months have been way more fun than I could have dreamed. Vanessa is patient, fully explains her methods, listens and makes you want to come back. I wish I could have more 1:1 PT training sessions as I am learning and growing so much. After doing many fad diets throughout my life, this time with Vanessa, the weight has consistently dropped off me and I have lost a lot of inches. Also, my overall strength, stamina and posture has also improved. Having Vanessa as my PT has given me my life back and hope for the future.
Posted By: Lesa
Vanessa has been incredible - since November we have been training 1-2 times a week. I had zero confidence and she has built me up gradually. The fact Vanessa is a Behaviour Analyst as well really made a difference to the changes in my health behaviours. I feel stronger and so much better about myself. It’s been a slow and steady process and I am only about half way! A long way to go until I am where I want to be but I have finally got to a point where I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want to state the weight I have lost but I have lost a total of 13 inches. My posture has improved massively and she has helped me strengthen my shoulder to a point where I am no longer in daily pain. Vanessa adapts all exercises to accommodate an issue I have with my knees and I have already seen improvements with the pain I have there. Most importantly she has built up my self confidence and reinforced my progress. In the beginning I was terrified to lift a weight and now I love it! My overall fitness is so much better. I am working on my diet - she has provided me with excellent nutrition advice. However some days as a tired mum I just need sugar and coffee ?. Vanessa has taught me not to feel guilty about a weekend takeaway or bottle of wine - just to adapt my calorie count on the other days to accommodate it. I can’t recommend her coaching and behaviour change services enough. Without me even realising she is doing it she has adapted my behaviours. Thank you Vanessa!”
Posted By: Anon
Very, very impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication shown by Vanessa and Georgia who have put me fully at ease in discussing my struggles with type 1 diabetes. Had a fantastic 1st Skype session where they put me at ease and was very informative. We agreed on a plan of action backed up with a food diary and measurement record form to give a better picture of where l am at and what l can do to improve. It is brilliant to talk to someone who fully understands what it is like to live with the disease. Really looking forward to working with Vanessa and Georgia and feel together we can make a difference. Thanks girls you're both stars!
Posted By: Greg
I cannot recommend and thank this gorgeous girl enough!! This past couple of weeks she has built my confidence more than I could ever have wished for, helped me get amazing results in both weight loss and inch loss and checks in with me every day!! Vanessa Haydock is an incredible, ridiculously knowledgeable and passionate health coach for men and women with and without diabetes. If you are looking for someone to give you the extra push and encouragement you need, she is the one to do it. I have loved meeting my daily and weekly goals, loved working out with you, loved your daily texts of encouragement and even our heart to hearts (usually involving coffee you're an absolute gem!! Xxxx
Posted By: Kayleigh Langton
I am so pleased to be working with Vanessa. She has enabled me to develop healthy eating habits, I've lost 18 lbs in first 3 months, my blood glucose is down and my fitness levels are way up. It is only now, 10 years after diagnosis, that I m feeling confident in managing my type 1 diabetes. That is due entirely to Vanessa.
Posted By: Rory Glover

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