My experience with the FreeStyle Libre 2

As a FreeStyle Libre ambassador, over the past few weeks I have had the privilege to trial out the FreeStyle Libre 2, so I thought I would share my (very positive) experiences with you all! For me, th...

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There’s no smoke without fire – Diabetes burnout

Diabetes burnout  ….. something that many of us living with Type 1 Diabetes have experienced at some point in our lives, linked in with the pressures of replicating the job of an organ (to put it...

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Me And My Diabetes Journey

Vanessa Haydock

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic, lifelong condition that effects the pancreas’s ability (an important organ in our bodies) to produce the hormone insulin, a hormone responsible for consistent blood glucose control. Without insulin, our body basically cannot function as it should, as this would result in high levels of glucose in the blood stream, leading to life threatening consequences, both long and short term. A person with Type 1 Diabetes is therefore required to self-administer the hormone insulin, consistently monitor blood glucose levels and food consumption, as well as make healthy lifestyle choices to compliment better control. So basically, we...

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No Control During A Hypo

So, as well as administering insulin, checking BG levels, counting carbs, watching what we eat, along with the sheer mental stress that diabetes comes hand in hand with, we also have a high chance of experiencing a hypo, in other words a low blood sugar level. Now, I don’t know about you, but I tend to categorise my hypos: Pre-hypo:My BG level is in range but I can feel it dropping. How do I explain the feeling….. well, my symptoms are having 0 energy and struggling to keep my eyes open. Mini hypo:My BG level is just less than 4mmol, but...

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Diabetes, drinking and letting our hair down!

As I am in my mid-20’s, one thing that I have experience with living with Diabetes (a lot of experience!) is socialising, clubbing and basically letting my hair down at the weekend. And most importantly, diabetes has never stopped me! I believe that being able to enjoy myself, whether this involves a couple of drinks or not, is incredibly important, regardless of a diabetes diagnosis. I am a big fas of clubbing, festivals (involving camping), concerts and holidays! I have been in contact with quite a lot of newly diagnosed diabetics, who have received a diagnosis in their late teens/early 20’s,...

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