My experience with the FreeStyle Libre 2

As a FreeStyle Libre ambassador, over the past few weeks I have had the privilege to trial out the FreeStyle Libre 2, so I thought I would share my (very positive) experiences with you all! For me, the first version of the FreeStyle Libre is in a nutshell… life changing. To have the ability to visually understand and analyse what is happening to my glucose levels, have a better understanding of the direction they are going in, as well as a better understanding of the impact of certain food choices and insulin dosages on my glucose levels… priceless.

Since being diagnosed with retinopathy, tight glucose control has been an important element of my day living with Type 1 Diabetes. However, with the life I lead and with how busy I am, it can be very easy for me to sometimes forget to scan my sensor, especially when I have a full day working with my clients. But now, technology continues to evolve, whereby the FreeStyle Libre 2 now has optional alarms, that alert its' users when glucose levels go above or below a certain range. I was so excited to try this, as this would provide me with more of an insight into when my glucose levels were going too high or too low, before reaching an unhealthy level. What is also positive is that you are able to set the range that you want to be alerted for both high and low readings. I have set my reader to alert me for the following: 

  • Low glucose level alarm – When glucose level drops to 4mmol
  • High glucose level alarm – When glucose level reaches 8.5mmol

You are also provided with the ability to adjust this based on activity that day. For example, when participating in exercise, I changed my high glucose level alarm to a 10mmol and low glucose level alarm to 5mmol. You are also provided with the option to turn the sounds on the alarms on and off, whilst still keeping the alarm vibration on, which is what I did when I was at work (I was conducting an observation in a school). You are also provided with the option to completely turn the alarms off.

Overall, my experience with the FreeStyle Libre 2 was extremely positive. As well as being easy to insert and pain free, it helped me to proactively avoid a number of spikes in my glucose levels, whilst also helping me to proactively avoid a number of hypos. I was also able to access alarms on my phone on the FreeStyle LibreLink if preferred*. I would highly recommend the FreeStyle Libre 2 to anyone living with Type 1 Diabetes like myself!

*Please note: Alarms will not be available on both the FreeStyle Libre reader and Freestyle LibreLink (on the phone) at the same time.

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